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The Dead Sea is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Israel. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at less than 400 meters below sea level.

The Dead Sea was formed over millions of years and is the lowest place on earth, over 400 meters below sea level and is considered to be one of the worlds natural wonders.

The Dead Sea is one of the world's natural wonders. Located at the lowest point on earth under 420 meters below sea level, in the middle of the African fault. The Dead Sea is a nature reserve with less than 5 days of rain 



Experience the most breathtaking natural wonder in all of Israel

The heart of Premier Dead Sea is nestled within the nation of Israel wherein sits the world’s oldest natural spa, the Dead Sea. This unique attraction is unlike any other in the entire world! It hosts an incomparable setting that includes one of a kind beaches, resorts, and landscapes. Let’s have a closer look at what makes the Dead Sea a truly must see site!
    The climate at the Dead Sea is season dependent. During the spring season, temperatures average around 86 °F while during the summer season temperatures may reach as high as 104 °F. Never fear, the temperature measured is far from how it feels! The extremely low elevation of the Dead Sea leads to a deceptively cooler feeling from the sun, but make sure you still take the proper precaution to sun exposure.
    Expect a sunny forecast at the Dead Sea! This is because the weather forecast stays fairly consistent year round. The region averages 330 days of sunlight per year. The winter season is usually the only time that the area receives rain, and even at that, the Dead Sea averages 3 inches of rain a year. The rainfall is one of the characteristics that contributes to why the Dead Sea is so special and why Premier Dead Sea uses it to create some of the world’s most effective skincare products.
    Coupled with the unique climate, the fact that the Dead Sea is endorheic, or all water flows in and no water flows out, creates a natural pool. The collected water, which is deposited primarily from the Jordan River, is then baked by the sun. What is left behind from evaporation is a very high concentration of salt and minerals. These are examples of the natural ingredients used in Premier Dead Sea products.
    The salty water, measuring 32% salinity, creates a unique experience to tourists. The water not only exfoliates dead skin cells from the body, it also cleanses and heals minor cuts and scrapes. Also, the salt washed up on shore creates beautiful, rocky formations that can sheared off into chunks to create a nifty souvenir. Lastly, the salty water has natural buoyancy properties that makes floating in the water effortless. A common past time of tourists is to take a photograph of themselves reading a newspaper while laying back and relaxing on top of the water.
    Mineral rich geographical deposits make mud bathing a healing practice at the beach. Slather on and coat your entire body in the dense mud. After a long soak, feel free to rinse off at available showers located alongside the shoreline.
    So pack your bags and get ready for a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy all that the Dead Sea has to offer and upon your departure, expect to feel completely rejuvenated in a way no other vacation site offers!


The Dead Sea – nature's power in cosmetic applications


The Dead Sea is one of the world's natural wonders. Located at the lowest point on earth under 420 meters below sea level, in the middle of the African fault. The Dead Sea is a nature reserve with less than 5 days of rain on average a year, making it one of the driest places on the planet. Unlike most deserts the surrounding areas of the Dead Sea are rich in vegetation. The Dead Sea waters are so mineral rich that their texture is oily which makes it virtually impossible for any thing to grow in these waters – thus this body of water has received the name the "Dead Sea".


Despite the dry weather, desert plants and trees prosper in surrounding area of the Dead Sea. The plants around the Dead Sea have developed a unique mechanism which allows them to convert the morning dew for their survival needs. Many researches have been conducted to discover the secret method behind this unique phenomenon. Despite the harsh dry mineral rich, salt-line soil some plants still manage to grow.

These unique desert plants have developed a mechanism for surviving in the desert without access to water by drawing in moisture from the air and from morning dew. This method enables their survival despite the dry, hot, harsh climate typical to the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Premier cosmetics laboratories has managed to incorporate this incredible, active adaptive technique found in these plants into the moisturizing factors of its cosmetic products. Harnessing this wondrous plant driven mechanism in to the Dead Sea Premier product range is achieved by using a special refined processes and actual desert plant extracts to enable the skin to continue to draw nutrients and moisture.


Thanks to this excellent achievement once the cream is applied onto the skin it is capable of providing optimum moisture throughout the entire day.

These excellent moisturizing properties are further delivered into the skin with the help of Premier Dead Sea's innovative liposome complex delivery system, to which the moisture connects and binds to naturally.


This liposome complex delivery system was incorporated into most of Dead Sea Premier products. The liposome complex is a natural plant cell which has been emptied and filled up with beneficial ingredients. The liposome is a delivery system capable of penetrating the skin. The skin is one of the most difficult organs to penetrate without the use of needles. Dead Sea Premier uses liposome technology uniquely - drawn from soybean found in nature, Premier products mimic skin cells thereby "tricking" the skin into letting the liposomes underneath the surface. The liposomes act as a carrying vessel to deliver the vital, active, natural ingredients directly in to the skin cells for the most effective results.